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yo! i'm saralaxy but feel free to call me sara for short. i'm a simple teenager/young adult living in the north west, which is pst time for peeps that didn't know. i'm a pisces, born march 6th at 4:24 am, and my mbti type is infp-t. i enjoy coding, singing, playing video games, and just chilling in general. i take online school which leaves me at home majority of the time so i'm pretty easily accessible if you ever need me! my dms are always open for anyone that needs to talk or just vent. i'm a pretty cool and laid back person just tryna get by and not deal with stupid peeps.

On Oekaki
β™‘ yinuma adopts - moderator
β™‘ chenims - co owner
β™‘ kyros - moderator
β™‘ tzin donkeys - archivist

Off Oekaki
β™‘ lunai pixel adopts - moderator
β™‘ rabbats - archivist

Big MouthSitcomS28/10
Love Death & RobotsUnknownS17/10
*** EducationBrit TVS19/10
Walking DeadAmc. TVS79/10
Red vs BlueAmc. TVS310/10
The FostersAmc. DramaS17/10
ArtistCurrent Fave SongGenre
GnashImagine IfHip hop, alt r&b
AJRTurning OutIndie pop, dubstep, trap
MKTOThank YouPop
Alec BenjaminBoy in the BubblePop
Post MalonePsychoHip hop, pop, rock
MissioI See YouPop rock, future bass, synth-pop
Quinn XCIIAutopilotHip hop, reggae, pop, electro
Unkle AdamsI Am StrongerHip hop
Jon BellionWoke TF UpHip hop, contemp. r&b
Black SquadJuly 28, 20178/10
CSGOAugust 21, 20129/10
Planetside 2November 20, 20126.5/10
R6SDecember 1, 20157/10
TFITFFebruary 24, 201610/10
Ring of ElysiumSeptember 19, 201810/10
WarriorsErin HunterJanuary 21, 20037/10
Aristotle & DanteBenjamin SaenzFebruary 21, 201210/10
Between Us and the MoonRebecca MaizelJune 30, 20158/10
Sailor Moon MangaNaoko TakeuchiDecember 28, 199110/10

β™‘ XxflamepoolxX - blessed person who always listens to my complaints
β™‘ narkotik - an all around amazing, respectful, and super fun person
β™‘ laurine - super kind, understanding, and always trying to make her friends happy
β™‘ twan kuyper - super kind, generous, and all around awesome person
β™‘ spencer - one of the few people who understands me and is super dope
β™‘ idle automaton - an all around amazing, kind, and helpful person